Month: December 2016

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How to Import from China and Sell on Amazon FBA | Complete Guide

Products made in China can help you make big money due to the low price, but products sold on Amazon should be good quality due to you must reach Amazon’s Seller Performance Targets. We all know that cheap products made in China are always bad quality. However, there are still a lot of Amazon sellers are buying wholesale…
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Top 50 Buy Wholesale Websites Ranking | Global Wholesaler List

Reliable wholesale website has become the most important to small business, especially to the small quality imported from China. Buy wholesale from suppliers, you can do it yourself or hire a sourcing agent to help you, but no matter which method you choose, you should know how much is the target price and where you can…
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What To Do If You Find Products Imported From China Are Poor Quality?

If you can find the right supplier in China, you can make big money through importing from China. However, it is not all importers are luck dogs. Products made in China get a bad press: China manufacturers produce poor quality products and export them to all over the world. Products made in China are equal to piece of junk to…
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