Month: March 2016

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What Is Strategic Sourcing ?

Strategic Sourcing is Supply Chain Solutions. We need to understand the meaning of “sourcing” and “Strategic” before answering the question about what is strategic sourcing. “Sourcing” means the buying of components or products from an outside supplier, often one located abroad. “Strategic” means relating to the most important, general aspects of something such as a military operation…
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Top 50 B2B Site Ranking in the World

Top 50 B2B Websites Ranking in the World. The following numbers are counted according to the B2B websites list, it shows the quantity of B2B company from each country. China USA India HongKong Korea France Singapore Romania UK Canada Taiwan Russia  15  9  8  6  3  2  1  1  1  1  1  1 If you are planning…
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Some Answers for FAQ from Chinese Pressure Die Casting Supplier

Tons of die casting parts or products made in China are delivered from China to all over the world every day. A lot of new business starters are planning to outsource in China, but they were stopped due to it is hard to get the real information related to manufacturers in China. is a manufacturing sourcing solutions…
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3 Steps To Audit A New Supplier Online

If you have a new supplier, you need to know more about it, the more, the better. Maybe, you have received lots of information it from internet or supplier told you. But please note that, those information are not from the eyes of you. So you need to audit new supplier in person if you…
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